A Vote for Veneers

With the elections around the corner, people are gearing up to cast their vote on the next President of the United States. Whether you are happy with the election or not, South Tampa Smiles has something for you to smile about. We understand that most people find it hard to consider dental procedures to be “fun”.  However, porcelain veneers have amazing capabilities that make them nothing short of mind-blowing. For these reasons we cast our vote for veneers as our top cosmetic dental treatment that gives you dramatic results.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers can achieve beautiful smiles without putting the patient through uncomfortable dental procedures. Dental veneers are made of porcelain that is fabricated to match your natural teeth precisely. Porcelain veneers are constructed to enhance your smile without giving away that you’ve had any dental work. The porcelain material is similar to enamel in that it filters light. It reflects some of the light while allowing the rest to pass through the veneer. This gives a partially translucent appearance to the veneer, which looks just like a natural tooth.

Minimally Invasive Procedure

Porcelain veneers are thin so they fit right over your teeth and require minimal shaving of the natural teeth. This keeps your dental procedure quick and comfortable. We strive to make every dental procedure as comfortable and painless as possible. This is why you should feel genuinely excited and cast your vote for veneers by contacting South Tampa Smiles. If you are looking to straighten your teeth, whiten them, fill in gaps, or fix chipped and broken teeth, we are here to help! Call our South Tampa office at (813) 289 – 0560 to learn more about veneers if you are unhappy with your smile and set up your next appointment.

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Pumpkins are Good for Your Teeth!

Welcome to pumpkin season! This time of year you will find everything pumpkin infused, from pumpkin pies and cakes to pumpkin ales and lattes. Although these seasonal favorites tend to be loaded with sugars and tend to be on the unhealthy side, the pumpkin itself is quite good for you. There is no shortage of vitamins and other nutrients, which we all need to keep our bodies healthy and strong. South Tampa Smiles would like to take this opportunity to honor this wonderful and delicious food and share the many oral health benefits.

Pumpkin provides more than 100% of our daily vitamin A requirements. It also has a healthy source of vitamins C, E, B and various other nutrients such as magnesium, manganese, potassium, copper and zinc. Don’t forget about the seeds, which have lots of fiber, iron, protein and calcium. Each vitamin and mineral found in pumpkins play an important role in the health of your teeth and gums.

How Pumpkins are good for your teeth (Nutritional Roles & Daily Requirements):
    • Vitamin A promotes healing. One cup of pumpkin provides all the vitamin A you need in a single day.
    • B vitamins can reduce tongue inflammation (Glossitis). Ongoing deficiencies in the vitamin B families can cause the loss of the tiny fingerlike projections on the tongue (papillae).
    • Vitamin C boosts your immune system, which helps fight infections and inflammation.
    • Magnesium works with calcium to harden enamel, resist tooth decay, and is essential in bone production. One ounce of pumpkin seeds give you more than one-third of your daily magnesium needs.
    • Zinc keeps keep your teeth and bones strong. 1 oz of roasted pumpkin seeds gives you about a third of your daily zinc needs.

Everyone can see that pumpkins are good for your teeth, but we are speaking of the actual pumpkin and not the flavorings and spices. Keep snacks in moderation and include healthy portions of pumpkin into your diet. There are many ways to incorporated pumpkin into your diet such as smoothies, soups and roasted pumpkin seeds for a snack. How the pumpkins are prepared, cooked and served define whether or not you get the full nutritional benefits that pumpkins have to offer.

Keep following South Tampa Smiles to learn more about the nutritional facts of the foods you eat and their impact on your oral health. Call us today if it is time for your six month checkup or if you are experiencing any dental concerns at (813) 289 – 0560.

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Seafood is Good for Your Teeth

National Gumbo Day is Oct.12. Now’s the time to head out to your favorite cajun restaurant and get a big bowl full of gumbo. An assortment of seafood is a popular in gumbo with a signature roux sauce, then served over rice. Doesn’t that make your mouth water? Not only is this dish very tasty and comforting, the various seafood components such as shrimp and fish are also great for your overall and oral health. We would like to honor this flavorfully zesty dish by sharing just how seafood is good for your teeth.

Seafoods like shrimp and fish are loaded with proteins, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are natural anti-inflammatories. This natural defense against inflammation in the body also serves against inflammation of the gums. Research has shown that people with a diet that included omega-3s are 30% less likely to develop gum disease. Studies also revealed omega-3s have antibacterial properties, which can help slow down infection or even inhibit the growth of oral pathogens before infection begins. A few healthy servings of seafood each week is all it takes to get all of the natural and healthy benefits for your body and teeth.

The foods you eat can have a dramatic effect on your oral health. Omega-3s are known to help keep our smiles disease-free, but keeping up with regular dental checkups and maintaining diligent home care routine are also vital in keeping your smile bright and healthy. Contact South Tampa Smiles at (813) 289 – 0560 for your next dental checkup and cleaning. We look forward to helping you maintain your bright and healthy smile.

Don’t forget to get your gumbo…

It not only improves your smile, but it make you want to smile even more!

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How to Brush Your Teeth Like a Dental Hygienist

Have you ever wondered about your favorite dental hygienist’s home dental routine? October is National Dental Hygiene Month so we thought it would be the perfect time to share proper toothbrushing techniques and tips. Consider this your personal tutorial on how to brush your teeth like a dental hygienist!

First, you have to pick the right toothbrush. Always go with a soft-bristled brush. Medium or hard brushes can be too abrasive and damage the enamel on your teeth. Also, the head of the brush should be small enough to reach all of your back teeth. Remember to replace your tooth brush every few months or after being sick.

Always brush your teeth at least twice a day, preferably after breakfast and before bedtime. Also use the correct amount of toothpaste, just a pea-sized dollop. This will keep your mouth from becoming too foamy and reduce the chance of ingesting fluoride. Brush your teeth for at least two minutes to ensure that all of the surfaces have been rid of bacterial plaque.

Proper Toothbrushing Method

Begin by angling your toothbrush to a 45 degree angle into the gum line. Use circular or up and down motions, never brush side to side. Also it is important to not brush too aggressively. If you brush too hard, you can damage the enamel and injure your gums. All surfaces of your teeth should be brushed including: front, back, sides and top (chewing) surfaces. Don’t forget to brush your tongue. Your tongue harbors bacteria that cause bad breath. Lastly, rinse your toothbrush with water and your mouth using a little mouthwash if you like that extra zing and freshness.

And there you have it: How to brush your teeth like a dental hygienist. We want all of our patients to have the insight to be able to brush the right way and give yourself the excellent oral care you deserve!

Contact South Tampa Smiles at (813) 289 – 0560 to schedule your next professional cleaning and exam. Also enjoy our previous post: National Dental Hygiene Month Oct. 2015 or visit ADHA.org for more information about National Dental Hygiene Month.


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