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Six Month Smiles – South Tampa

Six Month Braces, 6 Month Smiles, or Six Month orthodontics are all similar and achieve the same goal: straightening your teeth. It is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that enables treatments that previously would have taken 2 or more years to do to be completed in as little as six months!

Most patients seeking orthodontic treatment are unhappy with they way their teeth appear and want to drastically improve their smile. Six Month braces work by focusing on your front teeth, the ones that show when you smile. They are similar to veneers, bridges, and bonding that they work to make your teeth straighter and more presentable. Instead off shaving teeth down to add a bonding material or placing veneers on your teeth, the braces add a continual force to put your teeth in the desired position.

These braces are combine time tested techniques with modern procedures. Six Month Smiles utilize high-tech wires and brackets that make sure your teeth are positioned in correctly and the way you want them. The brackets and wires are tooth colored and are unnoticeable, unlike conventional braces that are often associated with orthodontic treatment.

If you are trying to find a Six Month Smiles orthodontist in Tampa, FL then give our office a call to book your consultation today!

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