Is an oral dentist different from a usual dentist?

July 27, 2018 by South Tampa Smiles

Thinking about oral surgeon vs dentist? Dentist, oral dentist and oral surgeon, all are the same. You usually visit them for a regular dental check up and see if things are going alright within your mouth. However, when procedures and treatments are involved, oral dentists or oral surgeons ensure that they create the right plan for you and offer the best treatment Oral Dentist in Tampa.

What is an oral surgeon called when children are taken to their clinic for consultation?

More often than not, children are taken to consult the dentist than consult a surgeon. They should visit the dentist at least once every 6 months. This is not because they have higher chances or a tendency to have dental problems but because even if there are very minor dental problems, they can easily be removed at an early age. For this, the teeth problems will require an oral surgeon.

How to figure out if children need a dentist or an oral surgeon?

To figure this out, you must know what an oral surgeon really does.

An oral surgeon spends an additional 4-8 years in dental school for further study and research. This is majorly because dental problems may seem less but can become more and more complex with each passing phase. Therefore, further study and further research is going to benefit the surgeon in practicing dentistry and will also help the patient in receiving a more vivid and effective treatment.

If you visit a dentist, who does not specialist in a particular treatment or if the case is beyond their usual practice, the dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon whenever necessary.

Oral surgeons specialist in dental implants, facial pain, jaw joint disorder and surgeries that include wisdom teeth removal. There are many more surgeries that oral surgeons perform and they include:

  1. Tooth removal – simple
  2. Tooth removal – complex, including bone
  3. Tooth removal – impacted
  4. Soft tissue removal
  5. Implant alignment
  6. Removal tumors

What do general dentists do then?

General dentists perform general oral surgeries. These include:

  1. Basic dental exams and X-rays
  2. Fillings
  3. Crowns
  4. Sealants
  5. Bridges
  6. Gum care
  7. Root canal, including others

So, what exactly happens in an oral surgery?

An Oral Dentist in Tampa is usually completed in a single visit, which may involve some amount of numbing, which is usual. Even though you may visit a dental professional once every 6 months or once for a surgery or a treatment, you must ask questions regarding oral health and get all the necessary answers. Their advice will help you maintain good dental health lifelong.

Irrespective if it is about your dental health or your child’s dental health, you must attend regular check-up. For children, this may seem a little daunting but professionals ensure that they create a gentle, friendly and welcoming environment for treating kids. Therefore, a regular visit to your local Oral Dentist in Tampa will keep dental problems away from your children as well as from you.


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