We all enjoyed our Easter Holiday and sugary treats that go along with it. Those melt-in-your-mouth Peeps and very gummy Jelly Bellies can wreak havoc on your oral health. Make sure you stay on check with your dental checkups and cleanings. If you haven’t already got your next appointment scheduled, give us a call at (813) 289 – 0560. Don’t forget, we have 7 am to 7 pm appointments available!

Contact South Tampa Smiles at (813) 289 – 0560. We look forward to seeing you on your next dental visit!


There’s no shortage of Tampa Bay Easter egg hunts this year! Along with traditional style egg hunts both indoors and out, games and activities, there will literally be eggs falling from the skies and even hidden under water. We have scoured the countless hunts scheduled for this Easter weekend and selected our top picks to share with our readers.

Our Top 5 Tampa Bay Easter Egg Hunts:
  1. The Egg Drop – Eggs will be falling the sky! There will be a helicopter dropping eggs on the ground at Robinson High School. There will also be games, giveaways and bounce houses at this event from 9 am to 11 am on Saturday. For more information and map, go to RadiantTampa.org
  2. An Underwater Egg Hunt – Dive in a pool for Easter eggs at the St. Pete Beach Aquatic Center! There will also be food, a bounce house and other activities on Saturday at 10 am. Find out more at Spbrec.com
  3. Easter Egg Hunt – How can you not include Treasure Island when you are talking about hunting for treasures? This will be a great opportunity to get some adorable photos with the Easter Bunny at 10 am on Saturday. There will be a “Fancy Bonnet / Hat” contest for the kids included in all the fun. Visit TreasureIslandFlorida.org for more information.
  4. Florida Aquarium Easter Fun – This event has a scavenger hunt where the children will be given clues to find eggs. There will be a scuba-diving Easter bunny that jumps into the aquarium’s Schooling Fish exhibit. Don’t miss out. There will also be photos with the Easter Bunny. Saturday and Sunday at 11:30 am, 2 pm and 3 pm. Find out more at and Flaquarium.org
  5. The Great Eggsploration – The Great Explorations Children’s Museum is always a fun day for the kids. This Saturday at 10 am they will be having games, egg-related crafts, and other fun activities. Go to GreatEx.org to find out all the details.

We hope you have found our top 5 Tampa Bay Easter egg hunts helpful. If you didn’t find the perfect event you would like to spend with your family this Easter weekend, see a full list of events at TBO.com.


Happy Easter, Everyone!


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Macdill Airfest 2016

The Macdill Airfest 2016 is celebrating its 75th Anniversary. The Macdill Airfest 2016 starts this Saturday, March 19th & 20th. Along with the aerial demonstrations, there will be ground displays of aircraft and equipment. This is a great opportunity to learn about the various aircrafts and equipment used to carry out missions from the military personnel. Gates will open at 8:00 am with free admission and free parking.

“Tampa Bay AirFest 2016 is here! This is our favorite time of the year, because we have a chance to give back to a community that gives us so much.”  Macdill.af.mil

Show your support by visiting the Macdill Air Force base this weekend. There will be U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and some of the most advanced aircraft in the world.

Visit the Macdill Air Force Base website for more information. There, you will find the event schedule, directions and other helpful information. Premium Box Seats and Flight Line Club tickets are also available to purchase on the website.

This is the first Airfest since 2014. The 2014 show drew in over 200,000 visitors and the MacDill Airfest 2016 is expected to bring in just as many. This event is military funded, but is also fueled by community support. Get out there and enjoy the big event and show them some love, Tampa!


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Nutrition Affects Your Teeth and Gums - South Tampa DentistMarch is National Nutrition Month! This is an educational campaign focusing on eating nutrient dense foods, physical fitness, and overall health. A well-balanced diet, along with moderate exercise, helps to maintain your ideal body weight and reduces your risk of chronic illness such as heart disease and diabetes. The types of foods you eat have a direct affect on the health of your teeth and gums as well. Poor nutrition can lead to many oral health complications such as tooth loss and periodontal disease.

Some healthy food choices for healthy teeth and gums:
  • Fruits and Vegetables are high in fiber and water. Chewing also stimulates the salivary glands, which helps wash away bacteria from the teeth.
  • Dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese aid in buffering the acid on the teeth and is rich in calcium that strengthens the enamel on your teeth.
  • Lean proteins such as fish, poultry, and eggs are high in phosphorus. Phosphorus plays an important part in maintenance of strong bones and teeth.

“Next to calcium, phosphorus is the most abundant mineral in the body. These 2 important nutrients work closely together to build strong bones and teeth. About 85% of the body’s phosphorus is in bones and teeth.”
                                                                                                                 Source: UMM.edu

  • Certain vegetables are also high in protein such as broccoli, sprouted beans, kale and other leafy greens.
  • Nuts are also a great source of protein and are high in vitamins and minerals that keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong.

At South Tampa Smiles, we encourage nutritious food choices to keep your smile healthy and bright. Keeping your sugar intake to a minimum will help control the bacteria levels that cause tooth decay. Drinking plenty of water will not only keep you hydrated, it also rinses away excess food particles from your teeth. These simple dietary measures are equally as important as proper dental care at home, regular checkups and professional cleanings. Give us a call at (813) 289 – 0560 to make your next dental appointment and keep your smile in excellent health.

Further Reading on How Nutrition Affects Your Teeth and Gums


National Employee Appreciation Day 2016Today, March 4th, is national employee appreciation day 2016!

We would like to take this opportunity to show our gratitude towards each member of our staff:

  • Dentists: Dr. Cannariato and Dr. Benedict.
  • Front Desk: Nicole and Lisa
  • Dental Assitants: Claudia, Ciara, and Barbara
  • Dental Hygienists: Robin, Cheryl and Dee.

On this National Employee Appreciation Day 2016, we would like to recognize each member of our staff.

All of the staff members work hard to keep our office running efficiently and are dedicated to keeping our patients’ smiles bright.

Thank you, South Tampa Smiles Staff!

Contact Information:
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Dental Treatment Payment Options - Tampa, FLAt South Tampa Smiles, we are committed to helping people of all ages achieve healthy, beautiful smiles on any budget. Putting off dental care due to financial considerations can lead to more costly dental treatments later. We know that in today’s economy, many families struggle to obtain quality dental care at a cost that fits their budget. With this in mind, we happily offer a variety of payment options to suit each individual budget and dental care needs.

Our dental treatment
payment options include:
  • Dental Insurance
  • Major Credit Cards
  • Cash / Check Payments
  • CareCredit Financing
Dental Insurance

We gladly accept most dental insurance programs. Most insurance plans provide free checkups and cleanings every 6 six months. Insurance companies are aware that preventative care is essential and can alleviate costly dental treatments over time. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of in order to stay on top of you and your family’s oral health.

Cash Payments

We are currently offering Non-Insured Cash Prices with the following discount codes and most insured patients enjoy these services for free:

  • Cleaning, Polishing & Exam – $95
    Regular value of $207 includes necessary x-rays
    (1110, 0274, 0150)
  • Emergency Exam – $80
    Regular value of $116
    (0140, 0220)
  • Children’s Exam & Cleaning – $99
    Regular value of $214 includes necessary x-rays & fluoride treatment
    (0150, 1120, 0272, 1208)
Credit Card Payments

For your convenience, we also accept all major credit cards. This is a great option for those not wanting to seek financing, but yet need to keep their available cash on hand. Credit card payments accepted include Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

CareCredit Financing

For those looking to finance their dental treatment, South Tampa Smiles gladly accepts CareCredit as paypent for our patients. CareCredit is the nation’s leading payment program for financing 100% of all of your dental needs including restorative, cosmetic, dentistry and dental emergencies. For more information and to apply online, visit CareCredit.com.

Contact Us

Don’t let financial concerns keep you from seeking proper dental care. Investing in your oral health is a top priority at South Tampa Smiles. Although payment is required at the time of services rendered, we work with you to find the best source of affordable financing available to you. Give us a call at (813) 289 – 0560 to discuss your dental treatment payment options today.



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